At Boc Academy, our priority is to help all learners practice critical thinking. It is not only about technical skills but also professional mindset. We have decided to create this free course in order to help learners get used to Boc's basic e-learning system. We like to let our learners know that this platform is a user-friendly interface, and people can interact with each other to grow an Archviz community for knowledge support.


At Boc Academy, we have built our own learning platform for every learner to have the best professional experience with Archviz. Different courses are made up with details and main goals for each step, which could be found prior to taking the courses. This would create a habit of critical thinking before taking action for our own learners within Boc’s system. Current available courses at Boc Academy:

Our major training programs for all learners at Boc Academy:


Coming soon

  • All to Vantage 
  • Junior Archviz Animation Artist (J3A) 

When discovering our courses, learners will be able to reach the outline defined for each course.

We create particular private groups within the system for each course, and learners of the course will be automatically added in order to keep up-to-date information from the mentors.

All learners within the existing groups will be able to access to anything posted by the mentors. The mentors, who are assigned to the course training, will also appear in the group with all the information.

» Please message us now for further advisory, or information from us if you have any queries.

Our courses at the academy are known to be trained according to each level. All programs are oriented towards the main workflow from Boc Studio – a professional Archviz production business in Vietnam. The workflow’s process is the base to the academy’s training knowledge, which we call it the core value that Boc Academy pursues and builds for the filed of Archviz.

Now let’s explore how our e-learning system functions and what values could you get from us through this free course!

An Architecture visualization work succeeds when everyone understands its function. It is all about efficiency.
Dương Thanh Nguyên
Founder & Mentor at Boc Academy
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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 4 Topics