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  • NguyenBoc

    04/02/2023 at 12:10

    ( Sources from chaos forum )

    V-Ray 6, hotfix 3 is now available for download from our website.

    Build 6.00.20 (V-Ray 6, Hotfix 3) (Oct 5, 2022)

    New features


    V-Ray CPU IPR support for VolumeGrids and Phoenix SImulators in 3ds Max;

    Modified features

    V-RayInstalling V-Ray as a render node also installs Cosmos and Unified login;

    Integrate the latest scatter materials randomization enhancements in Cosmos;

    V-Ray GPUGPU support for Affect All Channels;

    VolumeGrid Expose the hidden Grid Based motion blur in the user interface – it allows for more explosive and more fluid-looking blur;

    Speed up rendering of grid volumes by up to 25% when Fully Visible Fire or Volume Light Cache was used;

    Speed up rendering of grid volumes by up to 10% when the RGB channel was used;

    Simulation meshes produced by Wave Force must be able to blend seamlessly with the infinite ocean;

    V-Ray/V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter/V-Ray scene converterSupport conversion of the CoronaPhysicalMtl through the V-Ray scene converter;

    VRayMtlAdd Soap Bubble preset to V-Ray Mtl presets;

    Bug fixes

    V-RayMissing Tab name in the VRayBitmap node in Max 2018;

    VRayDisplacementMod’s MaxScript write_vrmesh command is not working;

    VRayProxy vrmesh can not be overridden from 3ds Max in V-Ray 6;

    Low CPU utilization with Intel Alder Lake CPUs on Windows 11;

    Decal displacement doesn’t affect minimum geometry displacement, breaking negative decal displacement;

    Crash with Forest with V-Ray 6 IPR;

    V-Ray Light Lister misbehaves with DPI scaling above 100%;

    VRayScene Animation Override Playback parameter value is not exported;

    V-Ray, V-Ray GPUCrash on GPU rendering Chaos Scatter when using splines as distribute-on objects;

    V-Ray GPUIPR GPU does not update when changing the list of affected lights in the Environment Fog settings;

    VRaySphere flip normals not supported;

    Sun disk from VRaySky environment map is rotated with VRayLight dome’s texture;

    Incorrect Diffuse filter render element when All channels option is selected under Affect Channels;

    IPR GPU does not update the render when adding new lights to Environment Fog;

    VFBSlow bucket refresh when using Curves or Exposure corrections;

    VFB color corrections are not saved on all frames using vrimg and when rendering an animation;

    VRayEnmeshVRayEnmeshMod input fields are not working in the latest builds for 3DS Max 2018;

    VRayMtlVRayMtl’s Qt version needs differentiation in the Glossiness maps names;

    VRaySphereVRaySphere wrong size when scaled (CPU);

    VRayVolumeGridRare GPU Preview crash;

    Crash during V-Ray Light cache generation when Fire Lights are illuminating OSL material exported to vrscene;

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