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Chaos Vantage Course has been launched


We have decided to continue further professional courses with Chaos Vantage subsequent to the recent successful basic course  RENDERING WITH CHAOS  VANTAGE version Vietnamese

This time in 2024, beside learning from Edited videos & Mentors in Vietnamese, We will be applied for the next English Vantage courses for international education purpose. Videos are our great tool to create more engaging sensory experience with mentors, and help all learners understand the course better and interact with the mentors through the screen.

Let’s explore more below!

Learning method and more details (only for international course)

Learning method: We provide only one learning method.

Online Video + Mentoring.

Duration: 6 months

Opening day: waiting for official announcement.

Estimated tuition fees: waiting for official announcement.

Course outline and other details



Mentor shares about the steps to manage and prepare a complete 3D file before exporting it to Vantage.


Mentor guides learner through the workflow in Vantage, and through the steps of interaction between Chaos Vantage and 3ds Max.


Mentor guides the basic steps of setting up Framing & Composition in Chaos Vantage, and shares the experience with file processing to create a beautiful composition as well as complete a still image.


Mentor guides learner to set up the layout for a basic Animation. Learner learns to build and complete an Animation Production with Chaos Vantage, Chaos Player and Premiere.

Please read the blog carefully as we have listed out all necessary details for all learners. We also usually update all the information in the Academy’s system in order to keep our learners up to date about the courses’ knowledge.

If you have any further confusion/advices/issues about this course, please contact us immediately.

Knowledge preparation
  • Day 1:
    - The effective principles to manage 3ds Max files.
    - Basic Timeline & Storyboard tutorials.
  • Day 2:
    - Vantage's interface and functions.
    - Learner prepares information for the Final and manages files.
Workflow overview
  • Day 3:
    - Learner practices with .vrscene.
    - Steps to set up Camera in Vantage to 3ds Max.
  • Day 4: Live-link workflow between 3ds Max and Vantage.
Still image workflow
  • Day 5: Learner learns basic knowledge of Framing & Composition.
  • Day 6,7,8: Learner finalizes Timeline & Storyboard. After that, learner finalizes materials & lighting in Vantage.
    ==> Learner starts rendering still images.
Animation workflow
  • Day 9,10: Learner learns to set up Camera & animated lighting in Vantage.
  • Day 11:
    - Learner learns about Frame-check in Chaos Player.
    - Learner finalizes the Clay animation's flow.
  • Day 12: 
    - Learner musts complete the final consisting of still images and animations made during the course.
    - Mentor evaluates, comments and summarizes the course.

iToo Forest x Chaos Vantage

All stills and animations done by our team.

Softwares & Plugins: 3ds Max, Chaos Vantage, V-Ray 6, iToo Forest 7, Grow FX, tyFlow, Quixel Mixer, Megascan.

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Australia Villa - Gallery

All images and animations done by our team.

Softwares & Plugins:
3ds Max, Chaos Vantage, V-Ray 6, Corona, iToo Forest 7.

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